A Very, Very Troubled Soul

Rough draft 2016 in Sonar. A bit of a reaction to some developing fascist tendencies. Put up a vid for it in early 2017 but it was pretty bad, and I didn't know how to best manipulate the YouTube algorithm to trick it into receiving the best vp09 codec. Yep.

Took another whack at the mix and the video in early 2020, and I think both are much better now.  Finished up in Studio One. The song now has a better synthbass line than it did, and has a middle funk guitar breakdown.

Tools used included the lowly Xpand! "Tense Takedown+" synthbass, the Canterbury EP "Worship" patch, and a heavy leaning on a Tantra patch "DIST Termite" adding funky rhythm to a UV B-5 organ.

Mix things I'd like to remember from this one - 1) using Zynaptiq Unveil to suck away the gross reverb from the EastWest Hollywood Pop Brass - much less shiny now! and 2) keyboard playing the funk guitar riffs using Pettinhouse "Funky Guitar" which by itself sounds a bit jakey - but adding the Soundtoys FilterFreak1 "Mutron" patch - really coolish wah vibe, much improved!

Overall, the 2020 version is loads better, but I must say the fascist concerns have not dissapated as much as they have "aged like milk."

Everything Is Going To Be Fine !!!

Tongue Depressor Symphony

Began this in 2017, and it became a back burner / bottom of the folder project. There's not much to it, it's just a simple groove with some piano noodling. It does groove, though.

The "Aaaaahs" which become the focal point of this video are achieved through a cheap "Tape Chorus" Kontakt instrument. It's 110% based on the 10cc song "I'm Not In Love" which if you've heard it, just sticks in the mind forever as late 70's cheeeeeze. Pretty cool tune, though, I think.

The piano was one I don't really want to use in a mixed-elements song (the EastWest Bosendorfer) because it's really meant for solo work. But the tone really suited the washed-out feeling that the Tape Chorus delivers.

The problem with using the Bosendorfer in a mix is that it's recorded pretty quiet, but still contains a lot of headroom inherent in the samples - and any tricks to louden it get you clipping quite quickly. There are better piano choices that I tried, ones that mix easier and play nicer with other instruments, but the Bosie sounded nice and far away, which fits the tune.